Privacy Policy is an online matrimonial portal, providing an advertising space for showcasing the people from different background in search of their perfect match.

Gathered Information

The information that we collects from our users whether it is public or private is only asked to highlight your profile who apply for our available services on the portal. The gathers information includes First name, Last name, Email, Mobile no, Address etc but are not limited. By applying, you agree to the privacy policies mentioned unless please do not register on website.
While filling our registration process you have to enter sensitive information (such as a credit card number), such information is encrypted and is fully protected.

Website uses Your Information to Track

We gather or collect the information to give personal assistance to every client and to ensure 100% fulfillment of client requirements. The collected information is not shared with any third party website or person without prior notification of the client. Any information you give to us is held with utmost care and security.

Adding and Updating Information allows you to modify or remove both public and private information from our database. Private information such as financial information submitted during the process of a financial transaction & certain account-related information collected at the time of registration however cannot be changed or removed by the user.

Changes in Privacy Policy

The privacy policy can be changed or modified with time based on your reviews and changes in company's policy. Any material change to our privacy policy, we will post a link of those changes on our Homepage so you are always aware of the changes in policies.

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